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City Wine Tours Promotion on NYC Offerings


Photos via City Wine Tours

If you know a person who loves wine and exploring New York City, here’s a gift idea that might cater to their palette. Recently, City Wine Tours reached out to me about their two tour offerings in West Village and SoHo. Each walking tour is led by a wine ambassador, who takes attendees to two high-end restaurants in each respective neighborhood for sit-down tastings of pre-selected wines and appetizer pairings.

After sampling various pre-chosen bottles, the group goes on to a wine store for a 101 lesson on buying wine. The tours run on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and usually max out at about 10 attendees.


City Wine Tours has also created a special discount code that gives you a nice incentive that you raise a glass to (or even treat yourself to). Apply the code MicheleNY10 for $10 off a CWT gift card or ticket now through December 31, 2016 upon booking. You can book directly through their website. City Wine Tours also offers similar tours in Boston, but this promotion is for Manhattan tours only.

Editor’s Note: I have a business agreement with City Wine Tours, where I would receive payment for confirmed bookings. Also, I’m always on the lookout for new places and resources for expanding my wine knowledge.

5 Ways to Save On Travel Necessities Before Your Trip


Photo by Matito via Flickr

What’s your method for saving money on travel necessities? Share in the comments below.


Product Review: Squeeze Pod

photo 1Recently I did a piece for a travel website on Squeeze Pod, a line of single-use toiletries designed to be completely leak proof and made from natural ingredients. I was curious to learn more about them, not just for the story, but as someone who can’t pass up on having a solid hair conditioner or facial cleanser while on the road.

Sold in packets or grouped kits, Squeeze Pod pods extend to shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, body wash, hair gel, moisturizer, and what’s called a toilet odor eliminator.

photo 2 copy

Having gotten a Squeeze Pod Gimme Shelter kit to renew as part of my assignment, I put it to the test. Here’s my take on these pods:

Opening is a snap. I found the pods themselves to be easy to open. They have teardrop design, where you hold and bend the tip in its back away from you. You’ll know you’ve got it open when you hear a snap. Each toiletry pod comes in a set of two or three inside a packet, which I was fumbling with and ended up having to use scissors to open. So I would say to open the packet before you go and put the pods in your 3-1-1 clear bag. (Squeeze Pod states their pods are TSA friendly.)

photo 3

The pouring is easy. Like its namesake, you squeeze the package to get its contents out. I test moisturizing lotion and found it to be between not too light but not greasy. The oil-based citrus scent is nice; it’s noticeable upon applying but it’s not heavy and seems to gradually fade.

photo 4

Good for hotel stays. I can see Squeeze Pod working for certain types of travelers over others. Due to the pod packaging, which is not recyclable, I’m not sure if it would suit a backpacker due to what he/she might have access to rubbish bins for properly disposing of the used pod packaging. However, I definitely see it’s good for business traveler and of course the common goer with hotel or other set accommodations. Another neat item is that for every two Gimme Shelter kits purchased, a third goes to a charity that supports women and their families. Prices range from individual packs at $2.79 up to a 12-pack for $30.00 ($7 more for the odor eliminator) and specialty kits about $12.99.



Product Review: Savvy Traveler Wipes and Safe-T Stepz

photo 5(9)

Ever since TSA introduced the “3-1-1” rule, it’s been a cramming of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body lotion, facial cleanser, deodorant, and moisturizer — and who knows what other necessity — in 1-quart-sized bag to get through security. It’s a squish.

Recently Savvy Traveler, a lifestyle products company, sent me samples of their various single-use wipe packets to try out. The wipes are marketed as an easier alternative to carrying on a bulky Ziploc or even having to pack it in a checked-in bag because you need that full tube of Colgate.

Savvy Traveler’s line of wipes cover all the bases and are claimed as being TSA compliant. Sold in 4-packs and priced at $9.99 each, the wipes extend to antiperspirants, face and hand/body wipes, and hand sanitizer, plus for cleaning glasses and screens. There’s even a mouth wipe you gently rub your teeth with for a cleaner feeling minus the toothbrush.

Although the $9.99 sticker might be a bit steep for some budgets (alas you can still get trial sizes in other ways), if you want to go bottle/tube free, the Savvy Traveler various wipes would work best.

photo 1(27)

My assortment came in Savvy Traveler’s Liquid Kourage ($9.99) carry on bag, which fit all the six samples I got. The zippered pouch is see-through too so it should seem go through airport scanners with no problem, if you want to go beyond the sandwich bag. It’s also stylish.

photo 3(23)

I also received Savvy Traveler’s Safe-T Stepz ($9.99). They are foot safety shields for use in situations where you’re still required to remove your shoes like at airport security. Each pack has four pairs and can fit up to a size 11. Press them on under socks or bare feet.

photo 4(20)

From my experience, I can say that I found the adhesive on the Safe-T Stepz to be pretty strong. I put on a pair of shields under my bare feet and they stuck well but removing them was a bit of a pull. I tried another pair again but this time with some knee highs on; much better.

For more information about Savvy Traveler, and their other products, visit their website.