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12 Over-the-Counter Health Products for Traveling


Creative Commons photo / Marco Verch

It’s always good to bring certain medicines or first-aid treatments with you when traveling. Aside from prescription medicines, over-the-counter medications and first aid products from chain drug stores and companies can help with relieving symptoms or sudden medical issues (however, always check with your doctor on any concerns you have or seek medical help within your location.)

Here are some products I suggest taking with you:

Pain-Relievers Like Aspirin or Ibuprofen

They’re best to have on hand the case of an injury or achiness or fever.

Antacids/Stomach Relievers

If you have to watch how certain foods react to your system, or you’re a risk-taking eater that might not know how you’ll handle the aftermath of perhaps a super-spicy dish.

Cough Drops

If you find your throat gets dry or feel a cough coming on, just unwrap and pop one in your mouth.


Just in case.

Anti-Fungal Cream

If you’re prone to fungal infections, and going on a trek involving damp weather conditions, this suggestion is your call.

Melatonin/Sleep Aids

If you have trouble sleeping in a new bed or it takes a while for you to get some ZZZs.


For combating known – or even unknown — allergies or rashes that come up. (Read labels to see drowsiness is a side effect.)

Motion Sickness Pills/Bands

If you’re on planes, trains or boats, and even the good old automobile for a long period of time, keep tabs on your system.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

I’ve been hearing a lot about these gastrointestinal aids keeping your gut healthy. Prebiotics are fiber-based, while probiotics are yeast centered; they both introduce good bacteria.


I’m doing to leave this one up to you. If you’re going to a place where you think you might have a hookup, it’s best to be prepared. Note one other thing: learn how condoms are seen in your destination, in particular countries with very strict ties to religious beliefs and/or imposing laws.


Because cuts and scrapes can happen. Plasters can help with your feet.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes

To quickly clean a cut or your hands or even your in-flight tray table.

When bringing genetic meds, keep them inside their boxes or bottles in the case that customs officials need to check them. Also, confirm what and how much of an over-the-counter drug and/or prescription meds can be permitted to be brought into your destination.



Why You Should Go to the Czech Republic in 2014

Old Town Square

Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic

Ever been to Prague? It’s most likely the first thing about the Czech Republic that comes to mind. Yet as this city is definitely a must-see destination, Czech Tourism officials wants to make sure potential visitors know that there is plenty to explore in this Eastern European country.

Last Thursday night, Czech Tourism North America and Prague City Tourism co-hosted a reception to unveil the launch of a re-branding campaign called “Land of Stories,” which promotes Czech Republic’s heritage and offerings. The campaign is shaped to encourage travelers and tourists to create their own stories from their experiences they have there.

Back in New York City’s Greenwich Village, at the Czech-inspired Doma na rohu restaurant, board representatives greeted us with appetizers and a wine tasting by Vino z Czech of brands from Moravia, a wine-growing region.

photo-32 photo-34 photo-31

While Prague is a top reason to visit the Czech Republic, as I did in 2012, Czech Tourism also is promoting other equally appealing attractions. Here are the campaign’s key themes:

1) Modern Prague

Admirers of modern marvels should check out Cubist architecture found in The House at the Black Madonna, Trade Fair Palace and Muller House. Significant buildings also extend to historic houses of worship. Prague has a strong Jewish heritage, with a number of synagogues, a unique cemetery, and folkloric legends like the figure Golem in its Jewish Quarter, a former ghetto called Josefov.

2) Southern Moravia

In the Southwestern part of the Czech Republic, this region is famous for its wine, and also contains Palava, a nature reserve, and Lednice-Vaitice region, a cultural landscape of Baroque estates that has also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3) Pizen

Of course, the Czech Republic is known for beer, and Pizen is touted as the capital of beer culture. I also learned that there is a Chodovar Beer Spa that centers on “beer wellness.” (Mental note: Look into making an appointment.)

 4) Český Krumlov

Another UNESCO World Heritage site, this town is famous for its historic castle and is home to the oldest Baroque theater in Europe.

 5) Medical Tourism

As the concept of medical tourism (going outside your home country for medical treatments, often at a lower cost) has been gaining more press, Czech Tourism is pitching Czech Republic’s emergence as a European destination to obtain affordable yet still topnotch medicine. One suggested place to perhaps head to is Karlovy Vary, a “spa town” in western Bohemia.

Learn more at Czech Tourism’s website.

Russian & Turkish Baths: An Old World Approach to Modern Health

Going to a spa is one thing, but have you ever been inside a banya or booked a platza? You can find out what they are at Russian & Turkish Baths, a traditional bathhouse in New York City’s East Village since 1892.

photo-47On East 10th Street and near 1st Avenue, this institution is an old-school health club. Both men and women get basic services such as massages and scrubs or sit in steam rooms or saunas to relax or rejuvenate. If you’re used to upscale venues, here’s an important thing to keep in mind before your visit. There are no frills. It is very simple in appearance and formalities.

Upon entering, the staff at the front desk gives you a locker key (they take your wallet and keys for safe keeping inside a safety deposit box at the desk). You can grab a robe (a plain black one that is short in length) and black shorts to slip on and a pair of sandals. Pick up your towel or two before you walk into either the men or women’s locker room to get ready.

photo-48I decided to come to the bathhouse after seeing a daily deals promotion that included admission (a separate fee) plus the cost of a service. During my recent visit, I got a massage that ended up being a shiatsu, and headed to the upper level of the building where the massage rooms are. After the massage, my masseuse pitched some additional treatments such as scrubs I could purchase and have while I was still there. I found I had to be a bit firm but still polite on my decline. Also, keep in mind, there is a tip scale requirement. When I was ready, he took me around the building to show me where other services were.


Also upstairs, there is a sun deck which is an outdoor patio with lounge chairs for relaxing and hanging out. The lower level of the building houses two different saunas, a steam room, a pretty cold dipping pool and showers. A section called the Russian Room gets its heat from hot stones but has a shower head for cooling down quickly (I jumped at that one). This room is also where a treatment called platza happens. You’re scrubbed hard with a broom made of fresh oak leaves, which have a natural astringent, and dripping with olive oil soap. It’s said to be a major skin cleanser.

The lower level can also get quite communal, as you sit alongside both genders and various ages. Just relax and get comfortable. It also makes for some good people watching. Being a newbie, a few guys were kind to point me in the right direction to restrooms and showers and suggested how and when I should cool off. I also chatted with a couple that came here often and other women who were new to the place like me.

The Russian & Turkish Baths are co-ed most of the day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There are times for women only are on Wednesday mornings through early afternoon and then men only times most of Thursday afternoon and then again Sunday morning until early afternoon. Also note: the place is owned and operated by two different men who have separate schedules. You can only use admission passes you buy during the shift of the manager you bought it from. Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit and a bottle of water with you. Check the website for more information and a full schedule beforehand.