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Apply for Visit Finland’s ‘Masterclass of Happiness’

Participants in Visit Finland’s “Masterclass of Happiness” will stay at the Kuru Resort.

Hi all. Yes, it’s been awfully quiet on here but I wanted to share with you this cool contest from Visit Finland.

Visit Finland, the country’s tourism board, is putting on a contest involving a Masterclass of Happiness,” which coincides with Finland’s continuous stance as being the world’s happiest country by the World Happiness Report. Apparently, Finland has been awarded this title for five consecutive years!

I’m super late on posting this contest but the deadline for applying for a slot for the “Masterclass of Happiness” is Sunday, April 2, 2023. I’m sorry; I had a lot going on in March.

While staying at Kuru Resort, participants will work with expert coaches.

Here’s more about the contest. The offering will consist of a four-day masterclass, which will be held at the luxe Kuru Resort, in the Finnish Lakeland region of Finland, in June 2023. Ten chosen participants from around the world will arrive in Finland on June 11 and depart on June 16. 

The masterclass will be entirely free of charge for the chosen participants. They will be advised by coaches of the Masterclass that are leading experts in their various fields. They will help guide the participants towards a balanced way of life that promotes happiness the Finnish way.

Also, Visit Finland will also cover the participants’ travel expenses to and from Finland.

Apply online at Applicants can apply individually or with one other person by visiting. Don’t wait!

The contest is also a neat way to learn more about Finland. I have been to Helsinki before and will be heading back there soon.