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Hey, That’s My Picture – on Huffington Post!

Last week, in timing with Valentine’s Day, Huffington Post’s Travel Section put out a request for people to send in their pictures of “Love Locks” taken for a photo montage. Love locks are small padlocks that couples fasten to iron bars or other permanent fixtures as a symbolic gesture to display their feelings for, or strong commitment to, each other.

Often, these love locks are found on bridges, or in other open areas. After the lock is put in place, the couple pretty much discards the key, throwing it into a river or just away in general.

When I was in Prague in 2012, I saw love locks around the city, mostly on the Charles Bridge and a nearby district called Mala Strana. While on the Charles Bridge, I happened to catch a couple from France, I think, put on a lock at a spot where I was standing right next to them.

Going back to The Huffington Post, they were kind to feature my picture from Charles Bridge (which is definitely one of many reasons to make a trek to Prague) as a lead in to this travel photo montage. Here it is below; the caption is listed right after.

o-LOVE-LOCKS-570“This week’s Moment of Travel Zen comes to us from Michele Herrmann. Her photo of love locks on a Charles Bridge gate is set in Prague, one of the most romantic cities in the world.”

My second pix is found in a lineup with other really great snapshots! See the full montage here.




Why You Should Go to the Czech Republic in 2014

Old Town Square

Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic

Ever been to Prague? It’s most likely the first thing about the Czech Republic that comes to mind. Yet as this city is definitely a must-see destination, Czech Tourism officials wants to make sure potential visitors know that there is plenty to explore in this Eastern European country.

Last Thursday night, Czech Tourism North America and Prague City Tourism co-hosted a reception to unveil the launch of a re-branding campaign called “Land of Stories,” which promotes Czech Republic’s heritage and offerings. The campaign is shaped to encourage travelers and tourists to create their own stories from their experiences they have there.

Back in New York City’s Greenwich Village, at the Czech-inspired Doma na rohu restaurant, board representatives greeted us with appetizers and a wine tasting by Vino z Czech of brands from Moravia, a wine-growing region.

photo-32 photo-34 photo-31

While Prague is a top reason to visit the Czech Republic, as I did in 2012, Czech Tourism also is promoting other equally appealing attractions. Here are the campaign’s key themes:

1) Modern Prague

Admirers of modern marvels should check out Cubist architecture found in The House at the Black Madonna, Trade Fair Palace and Muller House. Significant buildings also extend to historic houses of worship. Prague has a strong Jewish heritage, with a number of synagogues, a unique cemetery, and folkloric legends like the figure Golem in its Jewish Quarter, a former ghetto called Josefov.

2) Southern Moravia

In the Southwestern part of the Czech Republic, this region is famous for its wine, and also contains Palava, a nature reserve, and Lednice-Vaitice region, a cultural landscape of Baroque estates that has also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3) Pizen

Of course, the Czech Republic is known for beer, and Pizen is touted as the capital of beer culture. I also learned that there is a Chodovar Beer Spa that centers on “beer wellness.” (Mental note: Look into making an appointment.)

 4) Český Krumlov

Another UNESCO World Heritage site, this town is famous for its historic castle and is home to the oldest Baroque theater in Europe.

 5) Medical Tourism

As the concept of medical tourism (going outside your home country for medical treatments, often at a lower cost) has been gaining more press, Czech Tourism is pitching Czech Republic’s emergence as a European destination to obtain affordable yet still topnotch medicine. One suggested place to perhaps head to is Karlovy Vary, a “spa town” in western Bohemia.

Learn more at Czech Tourism’s website.