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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers


Creative Commons Photo / Phil Roeder

Are you doing some last-minute Christmas shopping? If you have a traveler or two or more on your list, there’s still time to find a present for them at the store or online. Here are some general gift ideas of items that are available through multiple vendors and can range from fun ideas to practical usage.

Scratch Off Map (or Just a Regular Wall Map and a Container of Pins)

Know someone who travels a lot? A map is a great way for them to remember and mark off where they been, and see where else they have to check off their list. Scratch off maps can be fun in coming across a different color when rubbing off the top foil layer to show their progress. Or go another way with a standard full-sized wall map with a pack of pins that get a bit extra work involved in marking their destinations.

Portable Battery Chargers

Cellphones are more for talking; who really uses it for conversation anymore. Our Android or iPhone acts as a messaging device, a directional guide, a camera, an app service and a portable office. And all of this can get up a lot of your battery, leaving someone you know in a search for an outlet. A portable battery charger can save them in a pinch; all they have to do is fully charge it ahead of time and they’re good to go.

Pickpocket Proof Clothing

Travelers always have to keep their valuables in check; there’s clothing that can help with that. For men and women, there are scarves and pants with hidden compartments that can help hide extra cash or passports. Granted, it’s best to know what your traveler’s sizes are. Not sure? These companies offer the option of a gift card; suggested vendors include Clothing Arts, which centers on pants, or Clever Travel Companion, which extends to tops and bottoms.

Personal Safety Devices

As another concern about personal safety, there are various pocket alarms and devices that travelers can take with them. There are wearable alarms that produce a noticeable sound when activated through the pull of a pin or pressing of a button. One that I suggest is Robocopp, which works by having its pin get pulled out and then letting off a bird chirping sound. Another is Revolar, which is described as being activated with a click. Or consider GE’s Personal Security Window or Door Alarm Kit, which encompasses a key chain, door stopper and window/door alarm.

Wall Plug Adapters

Outlets in hotel rooms or just about every public building outside of the U.S. incorporates the local wattage, wall plug adapters, or also known as convertors, are a good idea. I’ve had a set by Travel Smart for a few years now, where I take the one(s) I need for my destination; the only downside is that I can only plug in one item at a time per adapter I’ve got. There are also all-in-one adapters that can be adjusted to plug in more than one device at one (usually up to three).

Luggage Tags

Even the littlest thing can mean a big deal as a present. And one of them can be a secured bag tag. You can have some fun with selecting one for someone that can be monogramed or engraved, or have a fun pattern. I would say to look for one that has a good strap that can be firmly secured onto the bag’s handle. I bought a faulty one that fell off somewhere in my checked in bag’s journey.

Packing Cubes

As another item that is best for a suitcase, these cubes make packing much stuff in a small bag easier. They’re designed to compartmentalize items or compress clothing for better optimum usage of space. They’re a self-storage necessity and work great for carry-ons. Try brands like Eagle Creek or Flight 001, known for their packing cube sets.

Subscription Box Services

These themed monthly services can bring the world to your doorstep through foods or other items sourced from all over the globe. Each month, Try the World boxes up a culinary journey tied to a specific country with two different subscriptions involving snacks or food staples. For interior design fans, GlobeIn searches for and sources from artisan craftspeople.

What would you buy a traveler as a holiday gift? Let me know in the comments section.

Product Review: Savvy Traveler Wipes and Safe-T Stepz

photo 5(9)

Ever since TSA introduced the “3-1-1” rule, it’s been a cramming of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body lotion, facial cleanser, deodorant, and moisturizer — and who knows what other necessity — in 1-quart-sized bag to get through security. It’s a squish.

Recently Savvy Traveler, a lifestyle products company, sent me samples of their various single-use wipe packets to try out. The wipes are marketed as an easier alternative to carrying on a bulky Ziploc or even having to pack it in a checked-in bag because you need that full tube of Colgate.

Savvy Traveler’s line of wipes cover all the bases and are claimed as being TSA compliant. Sold in 4-packs and priced at $9.99 each, the wipes extend to antiperspirants, face and hand/body wipes, and hand sanitizer, plus for cleaning glasses and screens. There’s even a mouth wipe you gently rub your teeth with for a cleaner feeling minus the toothbrush.

Although the $9.99 sticker might be a bit steep for some budgets (alas you can still get trial sizes in other ways), if you want to go bottle/tube free, the Savvy Traveler various wipes would work best.

photo 1(27)

My assortment came in Savvy Traveler’s Liquid Kourage ($9.99) carry on bag, which fit all the six samples I got. The zippered pouch is see-through too so it should seem go through airport scanners with no problem, if you want to go beyond the sandwich bag. It’s also stylish.

photo 3(23)

I also received Savvy Traveler’s Safe-T Stepz ($9.99). They are foot safety shields for use in situations where you’re still required to remove your shoes like at airport security. Each pack has four pairs and can fit up to a size 11. Press them on under socks or bare feet.

photo 4(20)

From my experience, I can say that I found the adhesive on the Safe-T Stepz to be pretty strong. I put on a pair of shields under my bare feet and they stuck well but removing them was a bit of a pull. I tried another pair again but this time with some knee highs on; much better.

For more information about Savvy Traveler, and their other products, visit their website.