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Delta’s NYC ‘Pop-up’ Lounge In Flight Until May 22

In celebrating the upcoming opening of its JFK Terminal 4, Delta invites the public to visit T4X, a pop-up lounge in Soho until May 22.

In celebrating the upcoming JFK Terminal 4, Delta invites the public to visit T4X, a pop-up lounge in Soho until May 22.

With airports, the average person’s experience consists of the rig moral of check-ins, security lines, and gate departures. Delta is doing a neat thing in giving the general public the chance to see what lounging is like.

Until next Wednesday, visitors can stop by T4X, a “pop-up” space in New York City’s Soho district. And, just hang out.

Since May 1, Delta has been hosting this experimental setting in a three-story building, at West Broadway and Broome Street, to celebrate and promote another recreation that’s more permanent. The major carrier’s newly transformed Terminal 4 at JFK will open on May 24, complimented with a 24,000-square-foot SkyClub and a SkyDeck!

T4X, or in using its full name Delta T4 Xperience, gives off a sneak peek. Upon entering, Delta representatives take you to show you neat offerings and goodies to choose from. For example, you can pick a travel-related knickknack (a passport holder, mirror, cold drink cup or luggage tag) from a vending machine.

At T4X, order a boxed lunch inspired by an international destination.

At T4X, order a boxed lunch inspired by an international destination.

Visitors can register for a chance at winning giveaways like a set of beauty products. A kiosk allows for Delta passengers to check on or adjust itineraries on spot. There’s even a countdown clock anticipating Terminal 4’s debut. (I’ll be seeing it firsthand this summer, with my flight to Reykjavík.)

As meals and airlines go hand in hand, T4X provides four daily lunch selections that go beyond traditional serving options.


Lunch in a little suitcase!

With the new Terminal 4 centering on only international flights, T4X’s daily changing menu reflects top world destinations. Edible options inspired by London, Rome, Mexico City, Athens and Istanbul feature sandwiches or salads with flight treats such as cookies, pretzels, fruit and a choice of water or soda. Decide on your meal by viewing a flight information screen listing the day’s choices.

Grabbing lunch has a baggage claim approach as a conveyor belt setup has suitcase-looking boxes circling around. Each lunch is priced at $4; credit card payments only.


Outlets and plush setting enable visitors to recharge their batteries, physically and electronically.

Head upstairs and hang out in T4X's lounge section.

Head upstairs and hang out in T4X’s lounge section.

Go upstairs to the second level, and here is where to find the lounge. In one area, there is café-style table seating. Across from this section, a more of a sit-down room has plush chairs and tables with nearby outlets for charging up laptops and smart phones. Free Wi-Fi is also provided.

True, T4X is a cool marketing setup. Yet it’s a little treat for those who don’t fly continuously or never had access to an airport lounge before, or perhaps whose travel budgets really have been tightened up. Or, maybe they just work in SoHo and are heading out for their lunch break.

T4X is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays until May 22. For maps, the street address is 376 West Broadway. Check it out!