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My Guest Post on Honey Harvest Pairing in Weston, CT

I have to thank my friend Billie Frank for inviting me to contribute a guest post on her and her husband, Steve Collins’ blog, Santa Fe Travelers. My published piece is on Red Bee Apiary, a small bee farm in Weston, Connecticut, that centers on producing single-origin, artisan honeys. Single-origin means that honey comes from only one flower source.

This past Sunday, Red Bee’s founder and owner Marina Marchese organized a small honey tasting in timing with the fall harvest season. As guests like myself tried pairings of her honey brands with specialty foods, we were instructed to first taste each honey separately to be able to distinguish its specific flavor and then share about our thoughts about what we had sampled.

  DSCN1236 DSCN1247 DSCN1240


In accompanying our meal, the staff at Saugatuck Grain & Grape in nearby Westport invented three specialty cocktails featuring honey syrups as one of the main ingredients. Small drink samplings were served, along with explanations on trying to emulate them at home.

You can read my piece by clicking here. Below are additional photos of mine as well.

DSCN1258 DSCN1269 DSCN1266 DSCN1264 DSCN1262 DSCN1260