CityPASS Giveaway

Every major U.S. destination has its share of iconic attractions worth visiting, which can require even the most savvy traveler to factor admission prices into their budget. However, there are money-saving solutions like discount cards or booklets such as CityPASS that can extend your sightseeing options while keeping some cash in our wallet.

Recently, I met with a CityPASS representative to learn more about their admission discount program. It works like this. CityPASS booklets feature admission coupons to top-rated museums and institutions in currently 12 North American major locations.

They include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Toronto, and Southern California. Southern California’s CityPASS comes in a card format, while the others are all booklets.

However, every destination’s version contains admission tickets about four to six top ranking sites, with some of them being a choice between using it for one place or another. For example, in the New York CityPASS, there are tickets where you can opt to use them for either the Top of the Rock or Guggenheim Museum or either the 9/11 Memorial & Museum or the Intrepid. Once you start using the booklet, it becomes activated and validated for nine consecutive days (except for Southern California CityPASS, whose admission cards run for 14 days).

CityPASS might be suited particularly for first-time visitors or even families (there are kids and adult versions), but the perk is that CityPASS can be bought online or at your destination for the same cost. Plus it’s set up where you don’t have to wait at the usual ticket line to get inside.

CityPASS is letting me give away a pair of CityPASS booklets through my site. The only thing is that you have to do is tell me in the comments section below which of the CityPASS cities I listed do you want to visit and why (sorry, but Southern California CityPASS is not included). You’ll have until Friday, April 29, at midnight EST to do so. U.S./Canada residents only. Good luck! And keep checking back to see the results!

Disclaimer: CityPASS has partnered with me on this giveaway, but this post is based entirely on my opinions. (Thank you for entering. The winner has been chosen and notified.)



37 thoughts on “CityPASS Giveaway

  1. michelle matta

    Id love to get a Toronto CityPass. Toronto is fairly close to me, I am spending more time there for appointments lately and I think it would be great to add in some sightseeing and experience some of what it offers that I’ve never seen. Never been to Ripleys, or several of the locales I know are included in the citypass. Thanks!

  2. Patrice

    I’d like to win a Seattle CityPass so I can show my kids some of the cool places to visit. Thank you.

  3. Nancy T

    I would have to say Toronto since it’s so close to me! I’ve lived nearby my entire life and still haven’t experienced all Toronto has to offer.

  4. LeeAnn P.

    Definitely San Francisco for me! We’re moving back to the Golden State this summer and the kids and I plan on doing a lot of exploring in San Francisco so this would be very helpful!

  5. Hillary Cappel

    I found your blog while researching the Seattle City pass! I appreciate your informative post about the various City Passes, I had no idea they had so many. My husband and I are finally getting the opportunity to take our kids to Seattle this summer so we can show them the city we fell in love with! The best part is the Seattle City pass covers EVERYTHING we want to take our kids to see! Thank yo so much for this opportunity!

  6. Natalie Conley

    The Seattle City Pass, I really want to take my kids to the EMP Museum that have so many things they would love, and the aquarium and also the space needle. We just moved to Olympia from California and would love to see Seattle,

  7. Vasanthi

    Hi, I came to Seattle recently that is couple of weeks ago. I am planning to see the city with my hubby who is going to visit me soon. Yeyy! We would love to see places around and explore the city of Seattle. I’m very much excited to have the chance of getting citypasses for our city tour. Thanks

  8. Lindsey C.

    I would love to use the CityPass Seattle, one of my favorite cities and so much amazing culture! Have never been to the EMP museum yet though!

  9. Russell Kofoed

    I would like to win the Seattle Citypass because we love Seattle and to do all the tourist things would be awesome while we visit. The kids love the space needle so going up twice in one day would be fun for them!!

  10. Thomasina Archer

    Seattle! We live about 4 hours from there and Seattle is so fun! I’m not sure if the same things are still in the city pass, it’s been a few years since we last got it. But the aquarium, space needle, emp, flight museum, so many fun things!

  11. Andrew P.

    I would use the San Francisco passes, never been to the west coast. It looks beautiful with a lot to do.

  12. travelfearlessly

    Great giveaway! It was a toss-up between Boston and NY as I live in Connecticut but I’d choose NY because many of the attractions offered there are ones I haven’t visited yet.

  13. stephanie o'day

    I would love a Seattle CityPass! We are actually planning a trip to Seattle and I was looking at them. They are a wonderful deal and great way to see all of the “touristy” sites!


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