10 Basic Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers


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If you have a traveler on your holiday shopping list, the best present to buy him or her is one that can help make the journey a little easier. From advanced trip planning, to last-minute preparation, here are some general suggestions for finding that perfect gift for the adventurous person in your life.

1) Portable Battery Charger
With cellphones now being used for snapping and posting travel photos instantly, it’s easy for batteries to go quicker. Having a portable external battery charger can help them out in a pitch. Consider getting a two-port charger, if your gift recipient also takes an iPad or another electronic device along, or even look for a solar-powered one.

2) All-Weather Purpose Clothing
Clothing is a travel necessity, but the lighter the weight, the easier it is to travel with. For example, a windbreaker is good for rainy days but its material should be breathable. Think durable but comfortable! If unsure what applies as a base layer or outer shell, head to an outdoor gear store and get solid employee advice.

3) Luggage Lock
Are they – or more so, you – worried about items being taken from their bags? A luggage lock can give piece of mind. From keys to combinations, these locks can encompass everything from including a cord to secure a bag in place to just keeping zippers from being opened. And in most cases, they are TSA friendly, built with a button that indicates if officials have opened up a bag for inspection.

4) Carry-On Luggage
With airline fees for checking in even one bag becoming more commonplace, travelers might consider using a suitcase that complies with carry-on standards. Though carrier restrictions on sizes can vary, carry-on limits are usually around 21 inches for height, 15 inches for width and 9 inches for depth, with overall weight not exceeding more than 20 pounds. Travelers can be good about watching space limits, and you’ll help them avoid potential add-on costs at the airport.

5) Small First Aid Kit
Aches, scrapes, accidents, and illnesses can happen while on the road. And finding a drugstore or pharmacy requires a trip of another kind. A good first aid kit should include at least a mix of bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain/stomach relievers. Plus hydration powder and an antihistamine can be good extras.

6) Water Bottle
Buying bottled water can add up, so a water bottle can save on money and be reused. Aside from a BPA free design, consider getting one with a chemical-free filtration to remove potential waterborne bacteria and contaminants such as protozoa. Usually, these bottles are said to have continuous use before needing to be replaced.

7) TSA Friendly Toiletries
With 3-1-1 TSA rules still in effect, a traveler’s choice of beauty/grooming products is down to ounces. From shampoo bottles to toothpaste tubes, picking up travel-sized versions of his/her fave products or something a little fancy will enable your adventurer to pack them with ease. Head to the drugstore or places like Sephora that stock flier-friendly beauty products.

8) Headphones
From earbuds to on-ear models, a pair of headphones can block out any noise or for listening to tuneage while on a train, bus,  or plane. Plus, they might come in handy for getting the audio for that in-flight movie – if the airline’s headphones are so-so.

9) Packing Cubes
Some travelers swear by them, others might not. Found in stores and online, these cubes are actually various sized fabric containers that can aid in keeping clothing, toiletries or other items packed neat and tidy. If your gift receiver is very organized, this gift idea might be a winner.

10) Wrist Watch
A watch, you say? How seemingly outdated is that! Well, for starters, it’s a good alternative to relying on your phone for your clock. Plus it’s also easier to reset the dial to fit whichever time zone you’re entering or returning from.

What item would you give to a traveler as a holiday gift?

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