How Travel Makes You a Better Person


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If travel were packaged as a product, the label might read like a prescription. The (positive) effects would include making you smarter, stronger, healthier, relaxed, and, yes, happier. Even much more interesting as a person; I’m just throwing the last part in.

Like many similar articles out there, travel can make you a better person for a ton of reasons. Here are some of mine.

  • You learn to adapt to new and different situations and surroundings quicker.
  • You see how others live, sometimes with more and often times with a lot less. How you measure the difference is up to you.
  • You will mistakes and possibly tough ones, or even get caught in worst-case scenarios, but learn and grow from them. Experience is a great teacher.
  • You discover how very little you need and what you don’t have to buy, from what gets packed in your suitcase or what is not worth buying there.
  • You will become more conscious of what’s going on around you as well as pick up on when and where you need to be more cautious.
  • You will have great stories to tell and memories that will last a lifetime.
  • You realize you have to keep track of your spending as well as plan and maintain a budget.

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  • Your taste buds will get a workout in sampling different foods and drinks. Yes, at times, your stomach too.
  • You will meet and befriend people from all walks of life, locals and fellow travelers. It’s certain that most will be friendly and helpful and want to talk to you.
  • You will gain self-confidence and, perhaps gradually, a better sense of direction.
  • You will always learn something new: history, culture, religion, politics, culinary, nature/wildlife and, of course, language.
  • You can conquer your fears: of the unknown, of physical challenges, of getting lost (insert here). And if you realize you have limitations, it’s okay.
  • You learn to go with the flow and realize that people have a different way of doing things than they do back home.
  • You will see how a destination’s past and present coincide. You’ll also see how certain things are changing the future of the places you go to.

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